N.V. Aranyik is the professional of stainless steel culery and tableware.
We have over 300 pieces featured in the collections from fork and spoon to lamp and home decor.
You can explore those pieces in cultery, hollow-ware ,home decor and accessory on the side bar.
We can customize stainless steel products upon your request.
Our designers are willing to help you create the one and only piece especially for you.
"N.V. Aranyik" is named after the origins of its founder. "N.V." is the initial of Mr. Nivat Wangsirabat, the company's founder. He is a local member of Aranyik Vilage who developed and modified knife production. He brought stainless steel to use as the material in the production of the cutlery since thirty years ago. "Aranyik" is a well-known village where its residents used metal to made weapons to confront with the enemies.
Because of the proficiency in using metal especially stainless steel, we are continuously making the kitchen appliance since our ancestors did it two hundred years ago from the early Ratanakosin period until present.
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